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Future-Proof IT

It’s time to challenge the status quo

Step up scalability

Simplify your imaging workflow with a variety of modern, scalable solutions.

  • Add business stability and manage business continuity.
  • Scale up over time with flexible options that ensure you only use what you need.

Handle unprecedented volume

Enable secure and highly scalable solution.

  • Effectively scale to millions of studies.
  • Dynamically grow with your organization.

Future-proof your system

Leverage flexibility to grow at your own pace.

  • Comprehensive suite of on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions to support your organization’s growth.
  • Extend the value of legacy systems while experiencing the benefits of more modern workflows.
Future proof 630 side

The technology backbone of your organization

    It's time to spread the word.

    “Our solutions are fully scalable to handle unlimited volume and deliver stable performance across all bandwidths and geographics, in both local and remote environments.”

    Michel Desgagné | Chief Customer Officer, Intelerad

    “At Intelerad, we think it is time to stop choosing between scale and speed.”

    Mikael Anden | Executive Vice President, Intelerad

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