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Diagnostic Experience

It’s time to get back to what matters most

Free up your time

Ensure the right clinician is presented with the right patient information at the right time.

  • Functionally-rich, vendor-neutral, zero-footprint worklist that aims to achieve worklist perfection for each individual radiologist in your imaging group.
  • Automatic examination distribution based on real-time variables such as availability, subspecialty, workload, location and more.

Empower your network

Work smarter with AI-augmented workflows.

  • Automatic worklist escalation optimizes radiologist focus.
  • Rich ecosystem of native and partner applications augment clinical workflows.

Work your way

Maximize efficiency with a rich set of diagnostic tools.

  • Modern image viewer with a complete diagnostic toolset, including advanced visualization capabilities.
  • InteleViewer supports subspecialty reading such as neuro, Image Fusion, orthopedics and Breast Imaging.
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Designed for maximum reading efficiency and comfort

    It's time to spread the word.

    “This is not designed to push radiologists to read faster. The goal is to balance the workload so that each of us is doing our part to accomplish that day’s work.”

    Dr. Krishnasetty | Vice President, Columbus Radiology

    “At Intelerad, we make the most of your time with solutions that are intuitive and built for speed.”

    Sara Larsen | Director of Software Development, Intelerad

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