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It's time.

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Diagnostic Experience

It’s time to get back to what matters most

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Enterprise Workflow

It’s time to rally around care

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Future-Proof IT

It’s time to challenge the status quo

Time. When it comes to better healthcare, time can make all the difference. Time to get back to what matters most. Time to break free from the status quo. Time to champion the imaging community by challenging the way time is spent.

Intelerad is an imaging workflow specialist born in software and raised by experience. So we understand exactly how saving time can help you save so much more. That’s why our solutions offer greater efficiency and stronger collaboration. We think it’s time to work smarter and care better. To focus on what counts, from your patients to your business to your life.

Intelerad. It’s time.

It's time to spread the word.

“The turnaround of reports, which had previously been measured in days, dropped to just hours. And the quality of life for our radiologists has taken an incalculable jump for the better.”

Ted Best | IT Director, Valley Radiology

“This is not designed to push radiologists to read faster. The goal is to balance the workload so that each of us is doing our part to accomplish that day’s work.”

Dr. Krishnasetty | Vice President, Columbus Radiology

“At Intelerad, we make the most of your time with solutions that are intuitive and built for speed.”

Sara Larsen | Director of Software Development, Intelerad

“At Intelerad, we think it is time to stop choosing between scale and speed.”

Mikael Anden | Executive Vice President, Intelerad

“Our solutions are fully scalable to handle unlimited volume and deliver stable performance across all bandwidths and geographics, in both local and remote environments.”

Michel Desgagné | Chief Customer Officer, Intelerad